Friday, November 7, 2008

Lose Your Food Cravings with EFT and Hypnosis

An amazing mind- and behavior-changing process called Emotional Freedom Techniques has helped countless people lose their cravings for chocolate, french fries and many other foods for which they once had too fond an attachment. This groundbreaking method, which some have likened to acupuncture without the needles (or psychological acupuncture), uses a tapping process to apply light pressure to the end points of strategic acupuncture meridians. While tapping on these points, the client states specific words related to the habit or behavior that he or she is trying to change. For instance, if I love the idea of eating Twix bars, I might start out by saying, “Even though I love the idea of eating Twix bars, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

While the above summary is just a Reader’s Digest version of the process, the proof of EFT’s effectiveness is in the pudding… or maybe that should be something healthier, like that trendy Greek yoghurt you can buy at Trader Joe’s. Since Halloween, friends at work have been inundating me with fun-sized candy bars, once coveted treats which I now either give away or stick in my desk drawer to see if they tempt me (they don’t).

The exciting thing about EFT is that clients can learn this process on their own or be tapped on by their EFT-trained hypnotherapist while they are in hypnosis. You can do EFT in the shower, while watching TV or any time you have a few spare moments to work on eliminating a craving, habit or behavior that no longer serves you well.


Lindsay said...

That sounds really interesting. It must work if you've been able to stay away from those tempting Halloween candies! I wonder what other habits I could try to kick with this technique.

JR Moreau said...

Thank you Nancy! I'll definitely check out those business card services as soon as possible. Maybe I'll send you one.

Thanks for the comment!